3. Reorder points

The Reorder Points report lists products below their reorder points and allows you to restock your inventory accordingly. Each product has its own reorder point.

To access the Reorder Points menu, open the 'Reorder' tab from the "Stocks" menu.

Where to begin?

Before restocking your inventory, you need to assign reorder points to your products. You can do this through the 'Inventory Bulk Update' tab in the "Stocks" menu.

1. Reordering

There are two options: reordering by stock location or reordering specific products within the same stock location.

Reordering by stock location involves automatically restocking all products within the same location. No selection is required.
Click on "Reorder by Location" and choose a location.

Reordering specific products within the same stock location involves manually selecting multiple products within the same location.

Check the products to reorder, then click on "Reorder."

IMPORTANT: The "Reorder" option can only be done for one stock location at a time. If you have products in multiple locations, you will need to repeat the process.

2. Updating Quantities and Suppliers

"Stockpit helps you automatically create purchase orders based on the reorder point and supplier assigned to each product. Please note that you can assign a default supplier to your products when creating or editing a product."

If needed, make changes to quantities and suppliers, and then click "Next."

The selected supplier will be the default supplier defined in the product details. You can choose another supplier if necessary.

The suggested quantity is calculated based on your reorder points and takes into account the "Incoming" quantity if you already have purchase orders in progress for these products.

3. Finalizing the Reordering Process

The final step is to choose the options for the purchase order you are about to create.

You can add the products to an existing purchase order OR create a new one, modify the currency, select a stock location, add a shipment date, or allocate shipping costs. Only uncompleted purchase orders will be visible if you want to add these products to an existing purchase order.

Choose the options for each purchase and then click 'Save'.

Once you have created your purchase orders, you can edit them to change other information.

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