2. Shipping orders

You can create shipping orders directly from orders. This allows you to separate the sale of products from their delivery. Sales and deliveries are not always done simultaneously.

Creating a Shipping Order

You can create one or more shipping orders from an order. Simply open an order and click on 'Create a shipping order'.

If not all products are delivered at the same time, you can remove products by unchecking the corresponding box or decrease the delivered quantities:

When the remaining products are ready to be delivered, simply go back to the order and click on 'Create a shipping order,' and you will automatically see the remaining products. You can create as many shipping orders as needed.

Updating Inventory

Updating inventory from a shipping order will depend on your invoicing software. To understand stock updates in Stockpit, please consult the 'Settings' page for your invoicing software under Integrations.

If the shipping order updates your on-hand stock, the stock will be updated as soon as the shipping order is recorded, regardless of the status of the shipping order.

Shipping Order Status

To track the shipping order, you can change its status by clicking on 'Update Status.' For the order from which this shipping order was created to be marked as 'Completed,' all shipping orders for that order must have the status 'Delivered'.

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