Manage different price levels with Stockpit and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online cannot manage different price levels for the same product on its own. Users often create numerous products in QuickBooks, which leads to issues regarding stock levels management. However, Stockpit can help you work around this limitation if you want to sell products with multiple price levels.

You first need to create a product on QuickBooks whose stock levels you will follow, this will be your main product.

Then, for each price level, you will need to create a non-stock product with its own price. Those products are non-stock products because we're only tracking the inventory of the main product.

Back on Stockpit, both products have been added. You then need to transform your non-stock product into a packaging that only contains one unit of your main product.

Then, if an estimate or an invoice is created in QuickBooks for a product with a specific price level, the stock level of the main product will be adjusted automatically given that the packaging is only made of the product you're tracking the stock level of.

This solution allows you to work around QuickBooks' limitation in terms of managing products with different price levels. Erplain is a more complete solution regarding price levels management.

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