1. How does Stockpit work?

Stockpit allows you to track your product inventory whenever it decreases and increases.

To do so, Stockpit connects to your invoicing software* to analyze and retrieve the sales data created, ensuring that your inventory decreases in sync with your sales.

Stockpit also enables you to manage your restocking from your suppliers, which will increase your inventory.

It is also possible to make manual inventory adjustments to increase or decrease quantities based on actual volumes.

Once connected to your invoicing software, the products, customers, and suppliers will synchronize between the two software systems.

Setup is quick and requires only a few moments to set up a few options according to your preferences.

You can then manage the inventory of all your products within Stockpit while still using your invoicing/management/accounting software.

IMPORTANT: The data synchronized between Stockpit and your invoicing software may vary depending on the software. To view specific information and instructions for your invoicing software, please refer to this page.

For detailed instructions on using Stockpit, please refer to this page.

*See the list of software you can connect to Stockpit on this page.

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