1. Filters and views

You have the ability to easily apply filters and save this view for quick access.

Create a view

To create a view, click on the “FILTERS” button.

Complete this brief form to customize the data you want to display. For each condition, choose a column, an operator and a value. Use the "ADD CONDITION" button to include additional conditions linked by "AND" or "OR", depending on the selected condition type.

You can add other sets of conditions called "segments." Click on “ADD SEGMENT” to add a new one.

At any time, you can click "APPLY" to preview the results of your filters.

Save a view

Once satisfied with the results obtained, save the view by clicking on this button:

A panel containing the list of your views will appear.

Note: You can delete an existing view by clicking the trash can icon next to its name.

Click the “CREATE NEW VIEW” button to save your current view.

Enter the name of your new view here and check "Is default view ?" if you want it to become the default view when viewing this menu.

Buttons / Actions:

- “UPDATE VIEW” updates the previously selected view with your current filters.

- “CREATE NEW VIEW” adds a view to the list matching your current filters.

- “CANCEL” returns you to the previous page without taking any action on the views.

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