3. Locations

Stockpit allows you to manage multiple stock locations, enabling you to track and control your inventory in each of them (warehouse, office storage, truck, etc.).

  • To create and manage your stock locations, go to the "Settings" menu > "Stock Locations":

  • You will then see the list of all your stock locations:

To edit a stock location, click on this button:

To deactivate a stock location, click on this button:

To create a stock location, click on the "Create" button:

Choose the label and type of location (warehouse or store):

Label: Enter a label that will help you quickly identify the stock location in your various sales and purchase documents, for example.

Address: Enter the address of the stock location. This address will appear on certain PDF documents.

Transferring Products from One Stock Location to Another

You can transfer products from one stock location to another by performing a stock adjustment. For more details, please visit the Inventory Adjustment page.

Updating a One Stock Location from an Order

When you import an invoice from your invoicing software, the default stock location on the document and for each product will be the one configured in your settings. You can choose to modify this order and update the stock location for individual products by selecting 'Edit' and then entering the information in the 'stock location' field:

Note: Managing multiple stock locations is available with the Smart plan.

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