2. Manual Stock Update

Your stocks will be updated automatically based on your sales and purchases. If necessary, you have three methods to manually update the stocks:

- Stock Adjustments

- 'Inventory bulk update' Page

- Update via CSV / XLSX File

For the initial stock update after importing your products, we recommend that you accurately enter the costs of your products to establish a solid foundation for inventory valuation.

Stock Adjustments

If you have a specific need for manual stock updates (not related to a sale or purchase), you can perform a stock adjustment to increase or decrease quantities. You can also transfer stock from one stock location to another using this method.

To perform a stock adjustment, go to the 'Inventory' menu > 'Stock Adjustments' and click on 'Create'.

- Start by selecting your products by clicking on 'Select Products'

- Select the quantity. For example, enter '3' to add quantities or '-3' to remove quantities

- Provide the unit cost:
- Add notes if needed:

- Select the stock location where this update will take place:

- Save

Transferring Products from One Stock Location to Another

To transfer the stock of your products from one stock location to another, perform a stock adjustment and select a departure location and an arrival location:

IMPORTANT: To finalize stock adjustment and trigger its update, don't forget to click on the 'Complete' button to notify Stockpit that the operation has been completed.

A completed adjustment will be indicated as "Active" in the list of inventory adjustments:

Inventory Bulk Update Page

The 'Inventory bulk update' page allows you to quickly update multiple products. In addition to quantities, this page allows you to provide the cost, reorder points, and locations for your products.

- Go to the 'Stock' menu > 'Inventory bulk update'.

- Fill in the 'New On Hand' column to set the new actual quantity in stock :

- Enter the unit cost corresponding to this stock adjustment. Example: a quantity of 136 for a cost of 45:

- For reorder points and locations, enter the details in the corresponding columns.

- Save

Updating via CSV / XLSX File

If you have a large number of products, this method is recommended for updating stock quantities and initial unit cost at the same time.

The process of this update is simple: export the products from Stockpit in CSV or Excel format, update the products, and then import them back into Stockpit.


- Go to the "Stocks" menu > "Inventory bulk update" and click on the "Export" button:

- Select the CSV or XLSX (Excel) file type

- IMPORTANT: CSV files should only be opened in Google Sheets, Libre Office or Open Office. Use the XLSX export to open the file in Microsoft Excel.

- Click on the download icon to save the file to your computer:


To update your stock, fill in the "On Hand" and "Unit Cost" columns.

- You can also update the "Reorder Point" and "Location" columns if necessary. Be careful not to modify the other columns or column titles, as this could prevent the update process.

- The "ID" column corresponds to a unique identifier for each product. Stockpit uses this identifier to perform the update.

- Save your file.


- Go to the "Stocks" menu > "Stock Levels" and click on the import icon:

- Select the file you updated and confirm to start the import.

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