5. Restocking from an Order

You can restock your inventory from your orders either by purchasing the necessary products to fulfill the order (in case of stockouts), or by purchasing the same quantities of products than a specific order (also known as Just-in-Time method).

Purchasing the Missing Quantities

If you are missing products and are unable to deliver to your customer, Stockpit will display the 'Reorder' button in your order. This will allow you to make purchases from your suppliers for the missing or out-of-stock products.

- Open the order and click on 'Reorder':

Repurchase the Products You Just Sold

If you want to purchase all the products and in the same quantities as those from the previous order:

1. Open the order and click on 'Create a purchase order'

2. Creating Purchases

Once you have clicked on 'Reorder' or 'Create a purchase order,' Stockpit initiates the purchase process.

In both cases, Stockpit will generate a purchase order for each of the suppliers linked to the products. You can also assign a default supplier to your products, which can be done when creating or editing the products.

If necessary, change the quantities and suppliers, and click 'Next'.

The selected supplier will be the default supplier set in the product details. You can choose another supplier if needed.

The suggested quantity is calculated based on your selection ('Reorder' or 'Create a purchase order') and will take into account the 'Incoming' quantity if you already have ongoing purchases for these products.

3. Completing the Restocking

The last step is to choose the options for the purchase order you are about to create.

You can add the products to an existing purchase order OR create a new purchase order, change the currency, select a stock location, specify a shipping date for the products, or assign shipping costs. Only unfinished purchase orders will be visible if you want to add these products to an existing purchase order.

Choose the options for each purchase and then click 'Save'.

Once you have created your purchase orders, you can modify other information.

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