3. Packagings

Packagings are used to purchase or sell a product in multiple quantities. For example, you can buy a product in boxes of 100 and sell the same product in boxes of 10. It also helps define 'By sales unit' when a product is not sold individually but only in multiples, like packs of 10.

Where to begin?

You need to create a product corresponding to the packaging and a product corresponding to the individual item (if not already created). Product creation is to be done in your management / invoicing software. Once these products are created, go to Stockpit for packagings.

Creating a packaging in Stockpit does not change the configuration or properties of the product created in your management / invoicing software. When an order is created in Stockpit (from your management / invoicing software), the stock of the individual item will be updated based on the configuration of your packaging.

Creating a Packaging

To create a packaging, start by opening a product (previously created in your management / invoicing software). Go to 'Products' menu > 'Products'. Open the product and click 'Transform':

Select a product, its quantity, and click 'Transform':

Using Packagings

After creating a packaging, you can modify the quantities of the unit product by clicking the 'Edit' button.

Or directly from the list of products:

All your packagings will appear in your product list just like any other product.

If you view a packaging, the product profile will display the name of the unit product:

Inventory Levels

When you sell or purchase a packaging, the inventory level is automatically adjusted accordingly. For example, if you sell packaging "Wine ABC - Box of 10," the stock of "Wine ABC" will be decreased by 10.

The inventory level will display the quantity in stock of the packaging based on the stock of the unit product.

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