4. Exporting data

With Stockpit, you can export at any time your data to a CSV or XLSX spreadsheet. You can export your products, stock levels and valuation report.

Exporting a file

1. Click on the export button

To export a file, use the export button. When this button shows, you can export the view displayed on your screen. Please note that if your view includes filters, then it will also apply to the export. 

2. Choose an export option

Stockpit will display the available export options. For example, you can export your inventory without kits.

3. Choose the output format

4. Download your file

On top of your screen, a cloud shaped button allows you to check the loading status of your export. Click on the download button to download your file.


Exporting data can be the first step of a data update. For more information, please visit this page.
Warning: If you intend to run an update, please follow the recommendations below:

  • Preserve the output format of your file. For example, a file exported to XLSX must remain in XLSX.
  • Do not add additional formatting or change the columns name or order.

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