7. QR codes in Stockpit

Stockpit allows you to use QR codes for selecting your products. It is a very similar process as with barcodes except that you need to generate your QR code on an external site since Stockpit does not generate QR codes.

This article will show you how to use QR codes in Stockpit.


Scanners are programmed to read specific formats. The two main existing formats are 1D (or "linear") and 2D (commonly known as "QR code"). Stockpit supports both formats. However, before buying your scanner, make sure it will support the format 2D that you intend to use here.

Note: For more details on how to choose your scanner, please visit this article.

Generating QR codes for your products

To do this step, you will need to use a QR code generator online. Look for a QR code type that allows you to use text (where your QR code will display a short message when scanned).

You can assign a text in the "Barcode" field of each product in Stockpit:
Then go to a QR code generator such as qrcodemonkey, enter the same text in their "Your text" field, and click on the button "Create QR Code" to get your QR code image:

Note: If you want to test this example, grab your 2D scanner or smartphone (via the camera app). You should see the text "KIP3/4DKBLSM" when aiming at this QR code above.

Make sure to save the image of the QR code somewhere you can access it easily and save your product in Stockpit.

Efficient way to add all your QR codes to your products

If you have a lot of products, we recommend exporting the list of your products and updating the Barcode column for each product on the .csv or .xlxs file before reimporting the updated list.

Then, generate a QR code for every product by using the text entered in the field "Barcode". Save and print the images of the QR codes for reference purposes.

Note: For more details on how to use smartphones and tablets to scan QR codes, please visit this article.

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