1. Purchases

Stockpit allows you to manage the restocking of your products by creating supplier purchase orders. These purchases can be created from scratch, from your sales (orders) or from the reorder points.

Purchases from Sales (Orders)

You can restock your inventory from your orders either by purchasing the necessary products to fulfill the order (in case of stockouts), or by purchasing the same quantities of products than a specific order. For detailed instructions, please consult the 'Restocking from an Order' page.

Purchases from Reorder Points

For each product, you can set a reorder point. These reorder points help monitor your product stock and automate restocking. For detailed instructions, please consult the 'Reorder Points' page.

Creating a Purchase Order

To create a supplier purchase order, go to the 'Purchases' menu > 'Purchases' and click on 'Create'.

1. Select a supplier. To create a supplier, go to the 'Contacts' menu > 'Suppliers' > 'Create'.

2. Select the stock location to which the products will be added.

3. Select the currency for the purchase. It will be used for the purchase price of the products.

4. Select the shipping date (it will be displayed in the list of purchases).

5. Select the stock update type. If you check 'Update Incoming Stock,' the purchase will only increase incoming stocks. Actual and available stocks will be updated by the receipt(s). If you uncheck this option, the purchase will directly increase your actual and available stock.

6. Select the products. Click in the product field and type the first letters to find the products you want to select:

7. Enter the quantity and unit cost:

8. You can also add notes. These notes will appear on the PDF document of the purchase.

Updating Inventory

By default, when you enter a new purchase, it will increase your incoming stock, and actual and available stocks will be updated upon the creation of purchase receipts. Incoming stocks are visible directly from your stock level:

Purchase Status

The status of the purchase will be "Active" until the products are received. To mark the products as received, you need to create one or more purchase receipts. Once the status of all purchase receipts for a purchase is "Completed," the status of the purchase will automatically change to "Completed".

Archiving a Purchase

You can manually complete a purchase without creating purchase receipts. The unreceived products will then be 'Released' from the 'Incoming' quantities. This can be used to indicate to Stockpit that the remaining products will not be received. Simply open the purchase and click on 'Archive':

Purchase Receipts

When you receive products from your suppliers, open the corresponding purchase and click on 'Create a Purchase Receipt'.

For detailed instructions on Purchase Receipts, please consult the 'Purchase Receipts' page.

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