7. Alerts

Stockpit allows you to set up email notifications based on pre-defined scenarios.

Scenarios have four types of triggers, such as: 

  • On-hand inventory is out of stock
  • Available inventory is out of stock
  • On-hand inventory is below the reorder point
  • A shipping order has reached a specific status

To create and manage your alerts, go to the "Settings" menu > "Alerts":

To create an alert, click on the "Create" button:

Choose the name and e-mail addresses of the recipients:

Name: Enter a name for your alert based on the scenario you want to monitor.

Email: Enter the addresses of all the persons you want to be notified by this alert.

Choose the settings of your alert: 

  1. Trigger: Receive notifications in the situation where a product is out of stock or if it reaches the reorder point.

    Note: You can choose a specific stock location if you have multiple locations. For more details on how to set multiple locations, please visit the Locations page.

  2. Recurrence: Specify how often you need Stockpit to run checks in your system.

  3. Reminders: Specify how often you want to be reminded of this alert.

Once your alert is set, save it, and it will appear in your list where you can activate/deactivate it.

To edit an alert, click on this button:

To deactivate an alert, click on this button:

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