1. Manage your products

All products visible in Stockpit are imported from your invoicing software. It is not possible to create products within Stockpit.

Importing and Synchronizing Products

Please refer to the instructions specific to your invoicing software for importing products and synchronizing data with Stockpit.

Product List

To view the list of products imported into Stockpit, go to the "Products" menu > "Products":

Deactivating a Product

You can deactivate products, and they will no longer be visible in your inventory level or in the product selection for your purchases. Just click on the 'Active' button:

Deleting a Product

Deleted products will no longer be visible in your product list, inventory level, or product selection for your purchases. Simply click on the 'Trash can' button:

Editing a Product

To edit a product, click on the product and then click "Edit" or simply click on the "Edit" icon:

You can then modify the product information, such as the name or SKU.

The 'Track Inventory' option disables inventory tracking for this product. The product will remain visible in the product selection.

The 'Purchase Price' and 'Suppliers' options will be used for purchases/restocking. For more information, please refer to the 'Purchases' page. 

The initial cost will be used for inventory valuation. For more information, please refer to the 'Inventory Valuation' page.

Product Profile

When you open the product details, you will see the information related to that product, such as valuation information, stock level, orders that include this product, and the log of all stock movements related to this product (in 'Inventory Logs'):

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