3. Step by step guide to setup Stockpit for QuickBooks Online

Creating your Stockpit account

The first step to start using Stockpit is to create a Stockpit account. To create your account, you can do it directly from your QuickBooks account or from the QuickBooks App Store. If you create it from QuickBooks, your Stockpit account will be automatically connected to QuickBooks Online. You can also create your Stockpit account from Stockpit and then connect it to QuickBooks Online.

Creating your account from QuickBooks

Go to the QuickBooks App Store, search for Stockpit and click on "Get app now":

Creating your account from Stockpit

Go to https://go.stockpit.app/signup and select your account information and click on "Start my free trial":

Then go to menu Integration and click on Connect to QuickBooks.

Importing your products

Now that your Stockpit account is created and connected to QuickBooks Online, you can import your products.

Go to the menu Settings > QuickBooks and click on Import your products from QuickBooks:

By default, all new products created in QuickBooks will be created automatically in Stockpit.

Before importing your products from QuickBooks Online, we recommend that you check your product list and inventory in QuickBooks. It will be quicker to set up from a clean list of products with the correct quantities. If you don't have Inventory features in your QuickBooks account (Essential subscription), you can import your products and update your inventory directly in Stockpit. You can find more information on this page: Inventory update.

Importing your suppliers

If you want to create product purchases in Stockpit, you can import your suppliers from QuickBooks Online.

Go to the menu Settings > QuickBooks and click on Import your suppliers from QuickBooks:

User guide

Please visit the integration settings page from our Help Center to learn how to set up your account: Integration settings - Stockpit for QuickBooks Online

For more information about using Stockpit, please refer to our product guide: Help Center.

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